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Microwave Fresh Grape Juice Jelly

Microwave Fresh Grape Juice Jelly
2 3/4 c. fresh juice
1 pkg. (1 3/4 oz.) powder fruit pectin (low or no sugar needed pectin)
3 c. Sugar (3 3/4 c. sugar if you use regular fruit pectin)
Use a 3 qt. glass casserole dish and blend the grape juice and pectin.  Cover and microwave on HIGH 12 min. stirring every 4 min. until it boils.  Make sure it gets a good boil going.  Add sugar and mix well.  Cover and microwave on HIGH 8-12 min. stirring every 4 min. until it is boiling again.  Boil for 1 min.  Stir, skim if needed, and let cool about an hour.  Ladle into freezer containers.  Keep refrigerated or freeze.  You can use canning jars and process them if you want.
Makes 4 cups.
1 gal. fresh juice makes 5 batches.  Great for gifts!  Enjoy!
Tasting Room Manager
Easley Winery